Anthony Rizzo Hit Two Straight Leadoff Homers But Don’t Forget To Give Joe Maddon The Credit

usatsi_8732022_168380427_lowresThe Cubs are scuffling, so naturally they wanted to switch up some of what they’ve been doing. Chicago manager Joe Maddon, ever the forward thinker, decided to move slugging first baseman Anthony Rizzo to the leadoff spot, a move that got mocked across the inter webs.

Well jokes on you everyone because Rizzo went YABO to lead off the game last night and did it again tonight! Silly baseball fans, don’t you know that Joe Maddon is smarter than everyone else in the world? He makes every effort to let you know with all the quirky little ideas he has and moves he tries out.

I’m only half joking. I think Maddon is actually a really great manager, but it’s comical how much credit he gets for things that he may have done by accident. When something goes right, Maddon is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. He totally knew that Anthony Rizzo would smack homers in his first two games ever as a leadoff hitter, trust me! When something goes wrong though, such as Maddon almost blowing the World Series by leaving Aroldis Chapman in far too long, it’s all on the player.

If you question Maddon, you get drowned out until the criticism is swept under the rug. If you praise him, everyone in the world agrees because who doesn’t love a guy that speaks a bunch of nonsense that sounds intelligent and lets his players wear costumes on road trips? Plus he wears glasses, don’t forget that.


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