Is This Boston Wax Museum Serious With Their Tom Brady Figure?


WHAT is going on here? First off, I had zero idea Boston had a wax museum. Those places are creepy as shit and I would never pay money to enter one and look at a bunch of stiff, horrifying renditions of celebrities. Second off, if you are going to have a wax museum in Boston and you decide you want a Tom Brady figure, you better bring that fire flames heat.

Brady is such a devastatingly good looking human being that I honestly feel bad for anyone trying to replicate him, whether it’s in a wax sculpture, a drawing or just as a person. He just can’t be matched. But you have to be better than this shit. It’s pathetic and downright blasphemous to a man that deserves only the best.

If you know you’re going to make a wax figure of Brady you’ve gotta bring in the Picasso of wax figures. He’s owed that much. But yet, this Boston wax museum decided to make him look disgusting and then showed how little they were trying by dropping a baseball cap on him. Anyone with half a brain knows Brady is the winter hat KING. Be better for me one time!

Honestly, I think this place has to close it’s doors now. No one in New England can take them seriously. They are lucky they aren’t going to have Brady himself smite them with his God like powers. They are also lucky the Boston PD isn’t going to slap the cuffs on them and throw them in jail forever for how criminally bad this thing was.

I’m disgusted, but at least I know that this place is catching heat on Twitter and will probably have to take it down and apologize to the masses. If they don’t, they may face the wrath of angry Pats fans picketing outside.


PS- I wouldn’t be surprised if Roger Goodell is behind this. He used some of his preposterous money to build a wax museum just to put up an ugly Tom Brady.


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