Will “The Notorious” Bid Farewell to the Octagon

The Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight will go down as the biggest money making ploy in sports history, and while it will go down as one hell of an epic event, it should never have happened in the first place. I am more of an MMA fan than a Boxing fan because I don’t feel like boxing is really fighting. To quote the great Joe Rogan “What boxing is is a very limited form of fighting. It’s kind of a silly agreement. Say like we hate each other, we’re gonna fight, we’re gonna duke it out man to man, but we’re only gonna use our hands”. I agree with Joe Rogan in this instance, however, I think Joe would agree with me when I say that more money comes out of Boxing than in MMA.

Floyd Mayweather earned base of $100 Million in the bout while the Boxing Debut of McGregor earned him a $30 million base salary. Now, when you include the fact that they both also get percentages of pay per view points, those numbers that they earned in base salary could triple. So when all is said and done money wise, Conor could’ve earned more than $90 Million. In Conor’s last fight in the UFC, Conor Garnered $3.59 million.

Now when you consider the lifestyle that “The Notorious” lives, you can see that he likes his money. Now that he received this massive payday, I seriously believe that Conor will not step foot into the octagon again unless he gets stock in the UFC. If he does get stock, he will work tirelessly in promoting himself and the UFC brand to the world and I hope WME-IMG sees this and gives him a small percentage of the company in order to make even more money than they would without him. Conor loves his money and he knows that he could make way more money on his own than with the UFC. If WME-IMG wants to make back that 4 Billion dollar investment that they made in purchasing the UFC, then they should pay their Posterboy.

The money is out there and Conor isn’t afraid to go elsewhere to make it like other former UFC stars have done in the past.

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