How Much Longer Is Marvin Lewis Going To Survive In Cincinnati?


Last night, the nation (jk only idiots like me) tuned into Thursday Night Football and watched a pretty gross game between two pretty mediocre teams in Houston and Cincinnati. Everyone who watched saw that the Bengals have some serious issues on offense this year despite many people thinking they’d be improved.

After getting shut out by Baltimore in Week 1, they only mustered three field goals and now have not scored a TD in 8 quarters to open the season. According to Ian Rappaport, the Bengals have just fired their offensive coordinator a few hours ago. While he may deserve some blame, one guy in Cincy keeps skating despite lots of failure.

I’ve been saying FOR YEARS that head coach Marvin Lewis should be fired. What has he done to keep his job? Oh you wanna say he went to the playoffs a bunch of times? That’s great, but he never won a playoff game. And now the team (which has talent) is trending down. I don’t know how the ownership of the Bengals is just letting him roll.

I guess sometimes people are dumb and do unexplainable things. The same can be said for rich people who own NFL teams. I mean, Jeff Fisher kept getting jobs for a while there (sorry Jeff, I love you). But Marvin Lewis sucks as a coach and isn’t even remotely entertaining or likable. If I was a fan of the Bengals I would be bald because of all the hair I would have pulled out of my head in frustration. FIRE HIM.

I know it’s only two games into the season, but the Bengals locker room is already fracturing and beginning to speak out negatively. In the end, the players need to make plays and execute, but I do believe that this head coach has been around too long and a change of culture would help.

They won’t pull the trigger and kick Lewis to the curb, but they should. When they finish 6-10 I’m not going to cry for them if they keep him around because it’s absolutely bananas that he’s still coaching this team.


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