The Patriots Are Flawed, But It Doesn’t Matter


Through five weeks, this has been one of the weirdest NFL years I can remember. Nothing makes any sense at all. Everything I know is wrong and that’s something that totally scares me.

I know, it’s only five weeks. It’s always weird through the first month of the season, that is for sure. But this year has been especially strange. I mean just look at some of the things that are happening…

Alex Smith is the leader of the pack for MVP because he’s pushing the ball down the field like never before. The Jaguars are a legitimate threat to make the playoffs. The Rams are fun to watch. The Jets and Bills aren’t tanking. And the list goes on.

One of the things that’s been weirdest is how vulnerable the Pats have looked. Yes, the Pats team that everyone and their mother was saying was going undefeated. The team that had such a great, revamped defense led by the secondary. Yea, that team looks extremely flawed. People in New England are FREAKING out. But guess what? They shouldn’t be.

For one, the Pats should always be given the benefit of the doubt until they show you a reason to believe they are screwed. That’s part of it, but my biggest reason to not fret is that this league sucks right now. Who are the good teams?

Pittsburgh? They’ll make the playoffs but they look baddddd. Houston? Just lost Watt and Mercilus and still have a rookie QB. Oakland? Carr is an injury risk and they aren’t all that scary. Tennessee, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Denver, Baltimore? LOL.

In the NFC, you’ve got the Falcons and the Packers (both flawed) and then a pack of Dallas, Philly, Seattle, LA, Carolina, Detroit and Minnesota looking decent I guess.

The team everyone will name as the favorite right now is the Chiefs. And I get it, they have play makers all over the place and they have a top coach. Kansas City looks pretty good right now for sure, but not GREAT. They are not unbeatable. In my mind, this Chiefs team is going to drop a few games and the Pats are about to rip off a run. They’ll need to so that they can grab home field in the playoffs and avoid Arrowhead (the best home field advantage in the league).

I’m still not scared of the Chiefs and anyone who is doesn’t understand that at the end of the day, they are them and the Pats are the Pats. Until something changes, I’m expecting them to turtle in January. So if they are our only hurdle before a Super Bowl (where anything can happen) then I am not worried. This year could be a lot worse if other teams were looking as good as they should while the Pats were struggling.

So don’t worry Pats fans, we’re still the team to beat and as far as I can tell I don’t see a real challenger. They’ll definitely have to get better (KEEP BRADY HEALTHY) but I’m planning on seeing the boys in Minnesota come February.


*The worst part about me having no read on this year in the NFL is my bets. Worst year I’ve ever had. I’m so scared to make picks this week.


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