Tom Brady Sends D-Wade A Copy Of His Book, Re-names Wade Like A True Alpha


So ever since the TB12 Method book came out, it seems that Tom Brady has been sending out autographed copies to certain famous people. Jim Harbaugh, Julian Edelman and Davey Pageviews were just a few of the lucky ones to get a book with a little note inside. Now, it looks like Cleveland Cavaliers guard Dwyane Wade got one as well.

The thing is, Tom spelled Wade’s name wrong in the book. To Wade’s credit, he didn’t seem to care at all but he did post the book to let everyone know he’s friends with the G.O.A.T. That’s when the Internet latched on and started laughing about Brady’s misspelling.

But what people are failing to realize, is that Tom Brady does not give a shit. If Tom Brady spells your name a certain way he is right, not wrong. Sorry Wade, but your first name is now Dwayne, not Dwyane. Pick your butt up and go to the Cleveland town hall or whatever and change it legally. That’s your only option. If Tom Brady tells you your name is Dwayne, it’s Dwayne. If Tom Brady tells you your name is fucking “Slappy McShitsforbrains,” well, he is right, he dominated you as a man and that’s all there is to it.

Also, Wade spells his name like an asshole. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spelled it Dwayne because that just makes more sense. “Dwyane” is dumb as hell. If anything, Tom did him a favor by changing it for him.


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