Emergency Blog: Pats Trade The Heir Apparent James Garoppolo to San Francisco for Pennies On The Dollar



Gosh darn-it Bill! I’m sitting here on my couch minding my own business (eating Halloween candy and binging Stranger Things) and you drop this shit on me? Great. Thanks buddy.

Anyway, the Pats up and traded the handsome Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers for a 2nd round pick and it came out of nowhere in typical Bill Belichick fashion. My mind is spinning though and I hope this blog makes sense because this is really just rapid reaction to get my thoughts down. Bear with me please.

First off, let me just say that in no way am I criticizing Bill and the Pats for this trade. I can’t, no one can. It’s literally written into the deal with the devil that we signed that after 5 Super Bowl wins we cannot bitch and complain. But no where in the fine print does it say that we can’t question. So question I shall.

I don’t understand this move at all. I know people will say “well you didn’t understand Collins or Revis or Talib etc.” Yea, I didn’t but there was always a sliver of me that did. This Jimmy Garappolo trade, well man I will tell you that I do not understand it one iota. It’s the most perplexing Patriots trade of my lifetime bar none given the circumstances.

All along the Pats have been guarding Garappolo and not even thinking of trading him. They reportedly turned down atleast one, maybe two first rounders at the NFL Draft in April. Everything you saw or heard pointed to them believing he was the next great one. He was the Steve Young to Brady’s Joe Montana. He was the Aaron Rodgers to Brady’s…wait nvm Rodgers is better than Favre. He was the Andrew Luck to Brady’s Peyton Manning (ehh that one doesn’t really work either).

But yea, the Pats seemed to be lining up Jimmy G to take over the throne once Tom had enough of beating the NFL to a pulp. He’d make a seamless transition and the New England reign of dominance would go on forever. Some thought they liked him so much that they’d be willing to pay him boatloads of cash this offseason to stay as a backup. Others thought there might be an unspoken deal behind the scenes that if the Pats won it all this year, Brady would step away and Jimmy would step up.

Well, all of that is now gone. The first rounders and the talk of a giant haul never came to fruition. Instead, we send young James to become an instant starter for the Niners for almost nothing. It’s puzzling. We have no backup QB on the roster or on the practice squad as of right now. We have a 40 year old QB who despite his amazing play, is getting beat up and could have his career crumble at any minute with the wrong hit. There must be something more to this that all of us simpletons are not realizing. We just can’t understand right now.

That’s the best and worst part of being a Pats fan right there. You have to have blind faith. You can lose your mind and say what are they doing but at the end of the day you have to say, it’s all a part of the plan and we’ll be holding the Lombardi come February. In this case, you also have to believe in the long term success and health of Brady because apparently the organization does. He must not be lying when he says he’ll play to 45. Otherwise why risk the future?

Lastly, I’ll say that I hope more moves are coming. Maybe we flip that 2nd rounder in a deal for somebody big to help us right now. The other Jimmy G? (Jimmy Graham) How about those rumors of Calvin Johnson coming out of retirement? Nope. It’ll be some weirdo linebacker no one has ever heard who we’ll end up in love with when he makes a big play come January. This is the life of a Pats fan.


*Not to get political but if we sign Kaepernick I’m out on this season. Not even because of the protests but because in no world does a Super Bowl bound team do that.

**If you think I’m not betting on Jimmy G with Kyle Shanahan you are NUTS. Gonna be an instant Top 10 QB.


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