Wild Card Weekend Sunday Picks

Okay so I took it on the chin a little bit yesterday. I went 1-1 against the spread but 0-2 in straight up picks. If the Chiefs hadn’t choked and lost a 21-3 lead to the goddamn Titans…jeez.

Anyway, I’m coming back big today with the next two games. Let’s see what we got.

Bills +9 over the Jaguars

This is actually happening. We really have the Bills and the Jags in a playoff game in Jacksonville. It’s maybe the most excited I’ll be for a non-Pats game all year. We’re already seeing footage of Bills Mafia going wild at the tailgate. They traveled well despite reports from the Jags Twitter account, and they came to take over.

On the field, Shady McCoy is beat up but will reportedly play. How effective he’ll be is a huge question. I don’t have a whole lotta faith in the Bills other than I think they fight for everything. The Jags have a ridiculous defense that should be able to hold down Buffalo, but they also have Blake Bortles.

I love Bortles personally because he seems awesome from interviews I’ve heard. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see some turnovers and they’ll need to limit his throwing as much as possible. Run, run, run and just hope you can wear the Bills down.

In the end, I see a real tough, low-scoring battle with one blunder deciding it all. Who will that blunder come from? It starts with a B!

Buffalo. They’ll cover, but lose a heartbreaker.

Panthers +7 over Saints

I have went back and forth on this game more than any this week. The Panthers keep winning, yet I can’t feel good about them and Cam. The Saints have the ability to control the game and at home, I think they’ll get the job done but they’ll be sweating it. Game of the week and I’ll go as far as to say LOCK of the Week with Carolina covering but losing. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, friends and don’t @ me if I suck.

Bonus O/U picks:

Jax-Buff: not even looking but taking the under

Car-NO: not even looking but taking the over


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