Matt Nagy: A New Era In Chicago

That happened fast.

Former Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy was named the 16th Head Coach of a charter member of the NFL. What an honor…. for him.

Yes, the Chicago Bears have been a shadow of their former selves, but as Nagy’s hire was confirmed on Monday, all Chicago fans eagerly awaited his first press conference; we knew what we wanted to hear. If he wants this loyal fan base to jump on the Nagy Train, then he needed to sound like he gets US.

Did that happen on Tuesday? I’m on the fence to be honest. He was asked how much Bears history he knew, and after stammering a bit he turned it around and said “why don’t you quiz me!?” He’s charming, that’s for sure. Even though he couldn’t drop some bits of Bears knowledge, I found myself interested.

He had life, and not just because of his young age of 39, but because he’s an enthusiast. Much like why we’ve fallen for Tony Romo calling games in the booth, because he sounds like a 6 year-old that can’t get enough of the game. Matt had passion when he spoke, and that made me hopeful. I can’t tell you what a refreshing tone that was after dealing with John Fox for the past three seasons. That guy was full of useless sound bites.

He’s not the only one that made my face cringe. During the Wannstedt years I got to ingest doosies like: “(post game reporter) Hey Mike who are the leaders on the field right now? (Dave) Well I’m not quite sure, I’ll have to check the tapes.” Answers like that made me want to throw my copy of ‘Never Die Easy’ at my television.

One former HC that got it right was Lovie Smith. At his first press conference he stated as his number one goal was to beat the Green Bay Packers. It was love at first sight. THIS is what Bears fans wanted to hear; Lovie got Chicago fans.

As all the experts and talking heads dissect what Nagy is, isn’t, should, must be doing right now, I’ll continue to be hopeful awaiting his first moves. Coaching Staff and Free Agency will be his first review with the Draft soon to follow. He’s got a ton of rebuilding to do, but he has some talent on the roster already. The biggest being Mr. Mitchell Trubisky, the first rookie QB the Bears have drafted since Rex Grossman in 2003. Chicago has been a wasteland at the Quarterback position, and developing Trubisky will be everything to his perceived success.

Whether I like it or not,  I’m already on the Nagy Train.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks coach Matt Nagy, center, speaks with Chiefs quarterbacks Chase Daniel (10) and Tyler Bray (9) during morning practice at Chiefs training camp at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Missouri, Saturday, July 27, 2013. (David Eulitt/Kansas City Star/MCT via Getty Images)

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