Ranking The Possible Super Bowl Matchups

02052017_bradywin2-1020x860Well, I wanted to get this up before Wild Card weekend to include all of the possibilities for Super Bowl LII but I didn’t get around to it and frankly, I’m kinda glad. I would’ve trashed the Titans and said they have no shot to advance even past the wild card round and I also would’ve put heavy stock in a Super Bowl involving the Rams.

Anyway, now we are down to 8 teams. We’ve got the Divisional round on tap for Saturday and Sunday and I can look to who would make the most interesting Super Bowl. Let’s get into it.

16. Titans vs Eagles- Full disclosure, these next few all will involve the Titans so they will be a joke because there is a better chance of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton having a love affair then there is of Tennessee getting through this weekend against the Pats.

15. Titans vs Falcons- Seriously stop though, this is mean.

14. Titans vs Saints- I’m actually laughing thinking about this.

13. Titans vs Vikings- No, but seriously come on.

12. Jaguars vs Falcons- I’d love to see the Falcons get embarrassed last year followed up by losing a Super Bowl to Jacksonville. I think they’d have to all quit.

11. Jaguars vs Saints- At least we get Drew Brees going against a tough defense?

10. Jaguars vs Vikings- You want a defensive battle and two mediocre QBs? You got it!

9. Jaguars vs Eagles- Now, I’m about to trash the Eagles with how bad they are and why they rank so low against the Pats and Steelers. But in this case, this would be a good game because I think the Jags would win. For entertainment purposes, seeing the Jags come out as Super Bowl champs would be worth the terrible football this would produce.

8. Steelers vs Eagles- I don’t think the Eagles are good or fun, but the Steelers and Pats are compelling enough that they have to be ranked here despite the competition.

7. Patriots vs Eagles- Ranking a game involving the NFL’s #1 ratings draw, the Patriots, this low is a product of what I think of the Eagles without Carson Wentz. They are a walkover and they are boring which is a bad combination.

6. Steelers vs Falcons- Again, star power all over the field. I think I’d take Atlanta in this one.

5. Steelers vs Vikings- Idk, I just love watching the Vikings play for some reason.

4. Steelers vs Saints- If we can’t get Brady vs Brees, I’ll take Big Ben as a substitute. Throw in Le’Veon vs Kamara and Ingram, AB vs Marshon Lattimore (and Michael Thomas even though they don’t step on the field at the same time) and this game has some serious star power.

3. Patriots vs Falcons- A rematch of last year’s epic Super Bowl 51! The Falcons would be out for blood but would they be able to mentally get over the level of defeat and ridicule they faced? I have no idea, but I’d love to see what happens.

2. Patriots vs Saints- Well, the Packers have never held up their end of the bargain to get a “2 best QBs in the game” Super Bowl, so we’ll go with the next best guy. Brady vs Drew Brees would be an absolutely awesome storyline. Couple that with Belichick vs Payton and the “These Teams Hate Goodell Bowl” would be one for the ages.

There are even the added wrinkles of Malcolm Butler’s flirtation with the Saints last offseason, the Brandin Cooks trade, the Saints having Hooman and more. I also personally love to watch the best players in the game even if that makes it tough on the team I would be rooting for so seeing Alvin Kamara and Marshon Lattimore do their thing on the big stage would be a good time.

1. Patriots vs Vikings- Now the Vikings by rule would be the “away team” because I think NFC is automatically away this year. But, the Super Bowl is in Minnesota and it’d be the first home Super Bowl I believe, ever? (Too lazy to research that right now)

I know some people will say the Super Bowl doesn’t matter if it’s at home because the other team will travel well and it’s just a different beast. That may be true, but the Vikes would be in their comfort zone. They’d sleep in their own beds, use their own locker room, be on their own sideline etc. So naturally, I love the thought of the Evil Patriots going into a nice midwestern city and just claiming it as their own.

I also love watching the Vikings play and even though Case Keenum is no match for Tom Brady, the defense sure seems like it could be. They have a swarming unit that will attack and hold the Pats offense down. I’ve picked this matchup since early on this season and I want it to play out. Pats 21 Vikings 17 and a 6th title for the G.O.A.T.


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