The Matt Patricia Rumors Sure Are Flying This Week

7a45a31eeb721fd1Every year when the Pats clinch a first round bye in the playoffs (and usually home field), we have coaches on our staff interviewing for the other vacant head coaching jobs around the league. It’s become almost a tradition of sorts for crap teams to look at what the Patriots have and declare they want a piece of the pie by bringing in the men that learned from Bill Belichick. We here in New England are used to it and over the past few years we’ve seen a lot of speculation but almost no movement.

Well this year, for some reason, everyone seems to be hammering home that there will be an exodus from Foxboro (no, not from BB and Brady). Josh McDaniels is always drawing a ton of interest and Matt Patricia usually gets some love too. But now, only a week and a half removed from Black Monday, and just before the Patriots kick off their playoff run, the Patriots defensive coordinator Patricia is seeing his name all over the rumor mill.

This strikes me as odd because of one thing, Josh McDaniels. Josh is and has been the belle of the ball or the top prize when it comes to coaches that may be available. He’s been a head man before (not successfully) and many see him as more of that type than Patricia. I would tend to agree. It’s not that I think Patricia doesn’t deserve a shot as a head coach, I think he certainly does, but there is too much unknown with him and I’m skeptical of the level of success he’d have.

So why are teams like the Lions and Giants rumored to be targeting Patricia as their #1 choice? What does this say about Josh? Well, it tells me that either both of these organizations want to go with a defensive-minded approach, or Josh isn’t going anywhere. I would say the latter is more likely.

It’s long been a thought that McDaniels will not take a job unless it is the perfect fit and is wary of getting his second chance and screwing it up. It’s also been a theory that Josh wants to be the head guy here in New England and will wait Belichick out. In that case, he’d have to know that Bill was outta here in some capacity sooner rather than later.

So did Josh go on these interviews to do his due diligence but then told NY no? It seems he definitely went on the Chicago interview and passed that one up because they hired an offensive coordinator out of Kansas City and I’d have a tough time believing they picked that guy over the man who runs the most prolific offense in the league. Does McDaniels want Tennessee and feel that the job will open up after this weekend? What about the Colts? (I HIGHLY doubt he wants to go to that mess).

Anyway, it seems to me that Josh is staying put in New England again and Matty P. may be moving on. Personally, I think he’ll end up in Detroit and I believe that’s a better fit for him. Even Arizona wouldn’t be awful (although there’s been very little info coming out of there on the coaching search). I can’t see him going and being hired as the head guy in New York by the Mara family, it just doesn’t make sense.

Regardless, we’ll likely have to wait and see how this whole situation shakes out as I can’t see the Patriots allowing anything to be announced until after their last game of the season.


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