The NFL Making The Saints Go Line Up For The Extra Point Last Night Was Cruel And Unusual Punishment

Saints punter Thomas Morstead lined up for this awful moment.

I’m pretty sure if you are reading this, you saw the game last night and hopefully you stuck around for the ending, but if you didn’t well you missed a wild scene. No, I’m not talking about Case Keenum chucking one up to Stefon Diggs on a play called “Seven Heaven” only to have the Saints d-back duck away and Diggs streak down the field for the first walkoff TD in playoff history.

I am talking about what happened after that. The Vikings had won the game with the 6 point play, and time had run off completely. It was over. The stadium had gone nuts and everyone was on the field or in the Saints case, in the locker room. But then, the NFL officials were shooing everyone away. We must kick this extra point! It has to happen! This literally doesn’t matter except to everyone who bet on the game but it HAS to happen!

For a moment, it looked like the Saints would not come back out to line up and I thought, “good, that would be awful and I don’t blame them a bit.” On the other hand, the Vikings could be total assholes and just run in a two-pt conversion which would have been the meanest thing a midwesterner has one maybe ever. But sure enough, a few Saints players came jogging back out of the tunnel halfheartedly and I really couldn’t think of anything more miserable or degrading.

“Yea guys, you lost in heartbreaking fashion but just line up and spend some more time out here on the field while the whole stadium chants SKOL and Stefon Diggs gets his picture taken.” There would just be zero chance that I’d go back out there if I played for New Orleans.

*It would have been amazing if the Vikings kicked it (they kneeled) and the Saints attempted to block it. Oh well!

**Congrats to anyone who this helped.


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