JD Martinez Finally Submits, Signs 5 Year $100 Million Deal With Boston


What a long, drawn out process this has been. We’re literally at the end of February and we’re just seeing all of the free agent dominoes fall. Here is to hoping we never have another offseason like this in baseball again.

Anyway, JD Martinez has finally signed with the Boston Red Sox for 5 years and $110 million. The contract also reportedly includes an opt-out after year 2 (according to Pedro Gomez and Buster Olney, not that puppet Jon Heyman). I guess this is fine. I don’t know, I’m really not that hyped up at all about this signing.

Getting a big time bat and the consensus #1 free agent should excite you I guess, but I’ve never felt more “meh” about a move. It seems that a lot of Red Sox fans are pumped and you know what? I get it. Martinez RAKED last year and seems like a great fit for this lineup that desperately needed some offensive help. But I’m not feeling it.

I really hope I’m wrong, but I just see this as another disaster waiting to happen. We already got a little glimpse into who this guy is with how he handled this whole negotiation. It seems like he was just looking to go to the team that offered top dollar (which I understand) and threw a hissy fit when no one would meet his demands. I mean, let’s remember what he and Scott Boras came into the offseason looking for. It was wildly out of touch and when his market didn’t materialize, he seemed like an entitled kid that wasn’t getting his way.

Shouldn’t that scare us? The fact that his market seemed SO nonexistent. Scott Boras couldn’t even get this guy leverage and they ultimately had to succumb to taking way less money in Boston. I think that says a lot about how the league views him and when a guy really only has two standout years under his belt, with one being a contract year, I’m concerned.

Even if he isn’t a bust, and he goes on to make us better this year on our way to another division title and playoff appearance, I’m still not sure I like this. He can even make an All Star team and garner some MVP votes! I don’t doubt the fact that he makes this team better right now but I think we just grabbed a guy to grab a guy. I had talked myself into just going into the year with the team we have now, seeing what is out there at the deadline if anything and then diving into the deeeeep free agent class that is coming down the pipe. If you had any ideas about a Bryce Harper in Boston, you can kiss those goodbye now.

I commend Dave Dombrowski and the Sox for holding their ground and making him sign on our terms. I do. But I also think signing this guy, for the long term, is a mistake. I hope I am proven wrong.

*I can’t wait to see the Boston media ask this guy about being greedy and if the rumors of him being upset with the Red Sox were true.

**If you’re looking for an upbeat take on this, I’m sorry. I’m sure one of the other guys can provide you with that.


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