I Stayed Up Until 2 Watching Diamondbacks-Rockies. This Is What I Learned

I’ve been watching a lot of baseball so far this year (yes, I know it’s only Opening Day but shh). I want to take a harder look at all the teams around the sport rather than just focusing in on the Red Sox and teams that are conveniently playing on TV at a reasonable hour. So last night, I kept rolling right through the Seattle-Cleveland game and found myself up way past my bedtime for Arizona-Colorado. This is what I learned…

  • The Diamonbacks announcers are pretty boring.
  • Although they did shit on JJ Putz for like 5 minutes inexplicably.
  • Archie Bradley has quite the beard.
  • Deven Marrero went to ASU.
  • I love Adam Ottavino for being a pitcher wearing the number 0.
  • The crowd in Phoenix was lame to say the least.
  • Bud Black is the manager of the Rockies and apparently has been before this year. Who knew?
  • It was a pretty painfully boring game despite the talent on both sides.
  • The D’Backs have a 34 year old rookie reliever from Japan.
  • I’ll probably never do that again.

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