Kevin Durant’s Technical Fouls Are Way Up, I’m Guessing That’s Cause He Loves To Complain

So I’m sitting and looking at my phone with Sportscenter on in the background, as one does. I want to stop doing this because I hate ESPN and what this show has become so much that I don’t even want to give them the ratings. Anywayyy….

My ears perked up when I heard some random NBA reporter talking with Linda Cohn about Kevin Durant, who got ejected last night for the fifth time this season. Durant was kicked out of the game against the Bucks (which pretty much cost them the win) and now not only leads the NBA in ejections, but is also tied for the most ejections for any player over the last 15 seasons!

So Durant told reporters after the game that while he wishes he didn’t get ejected in the first half, he didn’t regret anything he did. That’s classic Kevin Durant BS where he takes no responsibility for his actions and acts like everyone else is wrong. It’s also a classic Warrior move and Durant fits in so well with this mentally weak group that can dish it, but can’t take it.

Whether it’s KD, Draymond or Steph, this Warriors team loves to cry about things. KD thought he was fouled and couldn’t take the physicality of the game so he had a meltdown on a ref. The worst part is, Steve Kerr enables all of this crap.

So Linda Cohn asks this reporter (Who I’ve found out is someone named Chris Haynes. No disrespect to him, I just don’t think he’s that well known) about the “image” of the Warriors and whether it’s a kind of bad boys persona. Before Haynes could even answer I actually laughed out loud. Bad boys? Please.

So Haynes shot that down and said that it’s “more of a whining boys image” which I couldn’t agree with more. He noted how Draymond and KD both have a ton of technical fouls this year and how it seems all of the bad parts of Draymond have rubbed off on Durant. KD has never been close to 14 techs in a season and that’s where he’s at right now. He’s two away from getting an automatic suspension. That’s just stupid.

Haynes went on to say that he thinks KD’s previous high is 5 techs for a season. Yet this clown really thinks he isn’t doing anything wrong or different. What a joke. The last thing that stuck out to me was Haynes saying that from talking with players around the league, the image of the Warriors is just a bunch of whiners. I’m not surprised but it is hilarious. We’ve got opposing players not having respect for them, idiots like me thinking they are the least likable group of softies of all time and actual reporters from ESPN taking shots.

You know what KD would say to all of that? He’s lash out on his burner Twitter account. Yikes. It’s pretty hard to be less cool than LeBron, but Durant and the Warriors have certainly gotten there. It might be their most impressive achievement.

*There’s just no way anyone likes these guys outside of the Bay Area, right?

**I feel like KD Twitter searches his name. Maybe he’s reading this. Hey KD.


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