Are The Angels Really That Good?

Taking a look at the start of the 2018 campaign for the Angels

So last night the Boston Red Sox beat the stuffing out of the Los Angeles Angels. Hitting six home runs, three of which came from Mookie Betts. And I get pitchers make bad starts, but lets face what everyone is saying. Shohei Ohtani hasn’t proved anything to anyone one yet.

His two games before last night was against the A’s who aren’t going to be in contention for the playoffs this year. They aren’t that good of a team pitching wise and lineup wise. So while Ohtani may of made an impression during his first two starts of the season, people need to wait until he actually makes a good start vs. a good team. Last night was his first chance against the Red Sox and he only lasted two innings. And the whole blister injury? Yeah if that’s what the Angels what to say to cover the fact Ohtani had a bad game then more power to them.

Moving onto the real point of this blog, are the Angels for real? 17 games into the season they are 13-4. They have played the Oakland Athletics in which they took three out of four, the Cleveland Indians which they took two out of three, the A’s again and took two out of three, the Texas Rangers who they swept, and took three from the Kansas City Royals again before the last game got postponed.

So while they have taken two games from the Indians, they haven’t really played good teams. And yes the same thing can be said for the Red Sox, so if that’s your argument then this series is probably the first real test for the two teams. Because the New York Yankees aren’t that good right now, but I don’t expect them to be like this in a month or so.

Anyway after the Red Sox series, the Angels play the San Francisco Giants for three games at home, then they play three games away in Houston, then comeback home for a three game series for the Yankees. So by the end of April, I think we’ll have a better sense of if the Angels are for real or not.

I hope they are for real because of a couple reasons.

A. The best player in baseball (Mike Trout) should be on a winning team

B. They could be the team that gives the Houston Astros a run for the division.

Will that happen? I don’t think so because I expect the the Astros to find their grove. But a wild card spot is still ideal for this Angels team three weeks into the season.

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