From Madrid to Turin: Ronaldo Edition

As the dust starts to settle from the transfer of the summer there are both winners and losers (in some cases both) to Cristiano Ronaldo‘s stunning transfer from Real Madrid to Juventus.

Before diving into this as someone who has lived in the beautiful city of Torino I couldn’t be more thrilled for the fans and for the city. Turin is unlike most typical Italian cities it is more industrial and has a grid system, where one won’t find many windy roads. The FIAT headqaurters is located within the city with the T standing for Torino. Juventus’ owners have a stake in the company and have are using some of those resources to help fund this mega deal. On the outside this seems like a genius plan, but to the factory workers themselves they are not pleased as a group of them have decided to go on strike in the coming days.

However the city itself is indeed breathtaking like the rest of the country with the Alps in the background and the River Po running through it. Both Madrid and Turin have two teams in their respective top flights and while the Derby Della Mole doesn’t have the same flair as the El Derbi Madrileño it certainly has the atmosphere which I was fortunate enough to experience first hand 2016.

First off the biggest winner here is Ronaldo himself. He leaves Real Madrid on top with three consecutive Champions League medals, 450 goals in all competitions in just 438 games (an absurd 1.03 goals/game), and 4 Ballon D’ors during his 9 season spell at the Santiago Bernabéu. He’s won with arguably the biggest club in England with Manchester United, with one of the two biggest in Spain, and now is set to try and do the same in Italy. If and when he succeeds he will cement his place in history as the greatest of all time.

Next Juventus is undoubtedly a winner. Anytime a club can bring in a player of CR7‘s calibre they must pounce. A transfer fee of a reported €112 million is well worth the investment in the 33-year-old goal scoring machine. Not only will this help the “Old Lady” on the pitch, most specifically in the Champions League, as currently they in the midst of a 7-year title streak in Serie A, but it will pay dividends off the pitch as well. Before the transfer even became official Juve’s stock was on the rise by 33% and now that Cristiano will be playing his trade in Turin it will only rise higher and marketing possibilities are endless.

One would think this must be a win for Serie A as a whole right? Not so fast. While the move will enhance the popularity of the league with Ronaldo fans tuning in from all over the world to see their star is definitely a win. The notion of it being a one-team league may very well stay the same which most definitely is not. Napoli have been the closest to dethroning the bianconeri in recent years falling just short last campaign with 91 pts compared to Juve’s 95. However maybe this move by Juve will throw some fire underneath their rivals and heat up the competition even further. Napoli, Roma, and Inter Milan were looking like true contenders for this upcoming year time will tell if the will be able to withstand all of Juventus‘ firepower

Real Madrid are in the same boat as Serie A, they are on both sides of this transfer. Yes they just lost their best player, one of the two best players on the planet, a guy who scores more than a goal a game, but they made a profit on a 33-year-old! Back in 2009 Real paid then a world record fee of €94 million to bring in the Portuguese hitman from Manchester United. Now 9 years later, they have made a €6 million profit as they received €100 million of the €112 million from Juventus with the rest being associated with various fees. That is great business and while it may hurt right now for all of the Madridistas out there a new ‘galactico‘ will be brought in soon to go along with the many bright stars already on the rest of the squad.

Some of the few straight up losers in my mind are La Liga and El Classico. While La Liga is destroying European Competition in recent years one of their icons has moved to a rival league while still on the top of his game. This may just start a trend and potentially bring back Serie A to where it once was in the 90s as place for the worlds stars. El Classico is El Classico and will never get old, but the downside here is that it is no longer Messi v Ronaldo at least twice a year. Both can no longer market the both of the greatest players in the world which from an outsiders standpoint doesn’t look so good.

One other loser has to be Gigi Buffon. He was just announced as a PSG player earlier this week after 17 years at Juventus. He is missing one trophy on his resume’ and that would be the Champions League, a trophy where the bianconeri now seem to be the favorites without him. If one had told me a year ago that was the case, there’s no chance I would have believed them. And judging by what Matteo Bonetti of Bein Sports has to say I don’t think Gigi would either.

All in all this seems to be one of the rare everyone wins transfers, at least for now. Juventus may finally get over the hump and bring the Champions League title back to Turin for the third time in club history. Real Madrid have made a profit and let their hero leave on his own terms. Here’s to hoping Juventus are in the same group as Barcelona and end up playing both Real Madrid and PSG in the knockouts rounds.


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