A’s Continue Their Push To The Postseason By Trading For Mike Fiers


We have talked about Mike Fiers being a trade option for the Red Sox on this site a few times before the trade deadline. He wouldn’t of cost much and he was having a good season to where you could plug him in the rotation and he would help you win games at a low cost. Well the Red Sox went another way and didn’t get Fiers, so now he has been traded to the red hot A’s. In 21 games this year, Fiers is 7-6 with a 3.48 ERA. That’s pretty good for a guy who’s going to go in the middle of their rotation.

Sean Manaea has 10 wins on the season and has a no hitter against the Red Sox, Edwin Jackson who has started 8 games this year for them has a 2.87 ERA in those games and they have one of the best closer in the game this year by the name of Blake Trienen. Another guy, Trevor Cahill has 13 starts on the season and has a 3.12 ERA. So the A’s have guys who are having good or great seasons. Which is why they are in the position they are in.

And if I was the Yankees, the Astros, Seattle or even the Red Sox, I would be worried. People talk about the historic pace the Red Sox are on, which is a 112-113 win pace, but the A’s are just about the hottest team in baseball the last couple months. In the last two months they are 34-18 and if you add in the four games this month they have won, they are 38-18. They are two and a half game out of the first place Wild Card and only four games behind the Astros in the division. And right now both the Astros and Yankees are dealing with major injuries to the middle of their lineup. The A’s are in a prime position to maybe leap frog both teams either way by the middle of the month.

Think of this scenario. By the time the postseason comes along the two teams playing in the Wild Card? The Yankees and the Astros. I know there is a long way to go in the season but that match up is a real possibility. Seattle thought they were going to have a clear shot to get into the postseason, they are now behind the A’s for the second Wild Card. The A’s play  Seattle ten more times this year and they play Houston six more times this year. Those six games against the Astros are all this month when they are dealing with injuries left and right.

Great trade by the A’s to get a guy who will help them in their push to get into the playoffs and the guys who are given up, are two players to be named later.

Winner Winner Oakland A’s.


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