Matt Stafford And The Lions Got Embarrassed By The Jets On Monday Night Football

I got nothing.

The Detroit Lions came out of the game against the New York Jets looking like complete shit. Honestly it’s the worst game I have seen in probably all my time watching this organization. Even in 2008 and there were some bad games that year. I also remember the game a few years ago against Kansas City in London that the Lions didn’t show up for. As bad as that game was, this game was by far worse.

Things started off on a good note as Quandre Diggs picked off Sam Darnold on the first play of the game and brought it back for a touchdown. So things were good for a few minutes. Then well it started to go down hill from there.

At one point the Lions were down 17-10 at the start of the third quarter and Matthew Stafford lead the Lions down for a touchdown to tie the game. I though thing were going to be good after that and I was sooo wrong. Shit hit the fan after that drive. The Jets scored 31 points in the 3rd quarter. Yeah no typo, THE JETS scored 31 points in that quarter and made the Lions look like clowns on that field in their own field.

The Lions looked lost on the field and honestly I don’t know if it’s fixable. Yeah all teams have to make adjustments every week but this? This? I don’t know. Stafford looked down right awful. He threw 4 INTs, forced some passes he shouldn’t of forced, couldn’t read what the Jets had set up and got knocked around a lot. Bob Quinn made moves to help this offensive line so they could run the ball and protect Stafford more. Players have bad games, I get that, but this was more then a bad game for Stafford. You certainly could of fooled me if you said the offensive line was upgraded because just like everything else with this team during this game, the offensive line stunk. What about the run game? Garbage. A run game is only as good as the offensive line will make it by opening up holes and blocking for their running backs. Why do you think they get rewards from their running backs at the end of the year. There is no run game on this team.

And don’t even get me started on the special teams. Every time Sam Martin punted the ball, the Lions couldn’t even stop the Jets on that front. Every punt ended in a huge chunk of positive yardage and one was returned for a touchdown.

And all week on the NFL Network and other NFL focused shows, I’m going to have to hear about how the Lions were a joke and got embarrassed by the Jets which they should get.

The fans in that Stadium should boo every time they come on and off the field next home game until they get their act together because they should be better then what the world witness on National TV.

Next week they travel to San Fran to take on Jimmy G and the 49ers, then at home on Sunday night football they play the New England Patriots. These next two weeks should be sooooooo much fun. And if that isn’t fun enough, the Packers come to town the week after the Pats!

And everyone expects Matt Patricia to bring the “Patriot Way” to the Lions. Can we stop with that? No one is going to be the Patriots, no one is going to be Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, so lets stop with that talk. Yeah he was coached under Belichick, but that doesn’t mean anything.

At least the Red Sox are back on tonight right?


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