Detroit Lions-Week 2: Can’t Complete Comeback, Fall To The 49ers

This tweet above pretty much sums up the life of a Lions fan every single year. Either they get off to a terrible start or they do somewhat good but fall near the end of the season and miss the playoffs. Either way it’s the same response from fans in Detroit.

“We’re used to it.”

And it sucks because the Lions have a top QB in Matt Stafford and those who say he isn’t a top QB, don’t know football. They have a great receiving core and they have one of the top Cornerbacks in the game. Yet they can’t put the pieces together and figure out how to go deep into the playoffs. Yes their defense is horrible, look no further to them giving up a bunch of rushing yards the last two weeks and the inability to not get turnovers.

Yesterday they started out much better then last week on the offense front. Stafford had an early touchdown pass to Kenny Golladay, but after that it went down hill. The Lions fell behind after they scored their first touchdown and had to play comeback ball for most of the game.

Stafford missed about four long balls to receivers that could of changed the game drastically and usually he doesn’t miss those long balls down the field. As good as he was yesterday, he needs to get his deep ball accuracy back and hit those wide open receivers down the field. I mean that’s Stafford’s game, that’s what he is known for and he needs to find it.

Down 30-13, the Lions would score two touchdowns both passes from Stafford to come within 3. They had a chance to tie the game with a minute left in the fourth and came up short. That was the story of the game as the Lions came up short multiple times during this game.

The defense looked awful as they allowed close to 200 yards rushing. They need to clean that up because that’s unacceptable. You can’t let teams run over your defensive line every week. It’s just bad news, can’t happen. A bright side on that side of the ball was that the Lions got pressure on Jimmy G even though it may of been mostly on him for holding the ball to long. But a sack is a sack and the Lions had those yesterday, even with Ansah out hurt.

I’m not even going to get into the late flag the refs threw on Diggs that negated a game changing interception. The first five yards you can have your hands on the receiver, and if anything Diggs was getting bodied so what could he do? That call was borderline and is not even called in most games, because that happens every play. It was with in five yards and the ball was already being released in the OTHER DIRECTION. Do you know how many times that happens on every passing play?

Next for the Lions is a home Sunday night game vs the Pats, which should be fun. Can you sense the sarcasm in my writing?


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