Cowboys Kick Game Winning Field Goal To Beat The Lions 26-24

If you ask me when the Lions went up 24-23 in yesterday’s game  “what are the odds the Lions are going to win this game” I would of said one word.


Now that may seem like a lack of confidence for my team but it’s the truth. I said to my dad who was watching “watch them lose 26-24” and they did.

Matt Stafford threw for 300 plus yards yesterday to go along with two touchdowns, both went to Golden Tate. For the third straight week, he proved that he is being paid well deservingly.

Back to me knowing when this game was over, it wasn’t when Dallas kicked the game winning field goal, it wasn’t when Ezekiel Elliot caught the long pass play to set up the game winning field goal, it was when Da’shawn Hand stripped the ball out of Dak Prescott’s hand, and the Lions didn’t recover it. When Dak picked the ball back up after it went back maybe 10 yards, he picked it up and threw it away, I said “yup game over.”

It’s the same thing every week, every season. Last week they looked good vs the Patriots, but that was a fluke. If the Patriots were as good last week as they were this week, the Lion’s record is  0-4. Plain and simple and that sucks. At the time I thought last weeks win was the start of a great turnaround and that wasn’t the case. And honestly no Lions fan should’t angry with this team. More like disappointed. This happens every other week and the Lions tend to let us down.

This defense stinks. It can’t stop the run, Elliot had 130 plus rushing yards and that’s not even the worse part, Elliot had 250 plus yards from the line of scrimmage. Just a bad job on the defensive line.

And where was Kerryon Johnson? His first run went for 32 yards and after that she was basically done. He had 8 more carries after after that and finished with a touchdown (running) and a only 55 yards on the ground. He needs to get more snaps, I know I’m not the only one who agrees with that statement. He played 20 of the 55 snaps, he needs to play more. He deserves it!

Bob Quinn better upgrade this defensive line this off season in the draft, because after yesterday it was an awful sight, but not as awful as the Jets game in the first week. Give me some pass rushers who can get to the quarterback. Oh by the way Ziggy Ansah is the biggest waste of space on the defensive side of the ball. And that isn’t harsh because while he’s one of the best players on the defense when he’s on the field, HE CAN’T SATY ON THE FIELD. He hasn’t played since week one, after it was reported he wasn’t going to miss anytime. He will get paid somewhere, but that somewhere isn’t with the Lions.

Next the Lions host Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Which for some reason, I don’t think that game will go too good (sarcasm.) Give me some hope guys. I want to be hopeful and optimistic but as they show a brief glimpse of being a good team, they go back to being the same old Lions.





At least the Red Sox begin the ALDS this Friday.


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