Texas A&M just ripped my heart out and threw it to the War Eagle

Image result for texas a&m auburn

Full Disclosure, I had Texas A&M +3 in this game. My thought process was that Jarrett Stidham has not been performing up to expectations this season and Texas A&M would come out firing after a tough loss to Mississippi State and for most of the game that played out to a T. The Aggies were playing well on offense and held on to the ball for most of the first half, ending the game with nearly 39 minutes of possession. Trayveon Williams ran through the Auburn Defense like it was Louisiana-Monroe and with 2:31 left on the clock Texas A&M had a 92.6% chance to win the game outright.

But then, after the 2 Minute Warning, Ryan Davis uses his athleticism to give Auburn a fighting chance.

Then Jarrett Stidham Speared their Heart.

Texas A&M’s defense got complacent in the waning seconds which led to Davis’ big play into the Red Zone, and when in the Red Zone, Stidham made no mistake.

Spear through the heart. Auburn Covers.

I’m not a fan of Texas A&M and I know I’d feel much, much worse if my Penn State Nittany Lions lost that way, but damn that was painful.


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