MLB And The Players Association Agree To League Changes Beginning Next Year

Jeff Passan reported this last night and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. The big one for me is the pitching clock. I hate the idea of having a pitching clock at games. I understand that MLB wants to make the game faster because four-five hour long games aren’t favorable to the regular casual fans. But I think Bryce Harper said it best the other day with his quote.

He’s right. Baseball isn’t a timed sport. You don’t have time clocks counting down a quarter or a period. I don’t want to see a pitching clock in baseball, plain and simple.

Now if MLB thinks making pitchers face a minimum of three batters will make games go by quicker, alas fewer pitching changes, then more power to them. That basically kills the “lefty specialist” guy in the bullpen, cause now you can’t bring in a lefty to face one or two left handed hitters. He has to face a right handed hitter if you want to get him to get a left handed hitter out.  But if thats what stops the MLB putting in a pitching clock, I’m for it.

I LOVE the single trade deadline. It’s already crazy on that day, but not having anymore August trades anymore like the Verlander deal, will cause everyone to focus on getting deals done on July 31st. It’ll make teams who are on the bubble of playoff contention make more bold moves early on and it’s great for the game.

The All Star changes are fine. The one million dollars going to the winner of the home run derby isn’t that special. Bryce won it last year and now he’s making three hundred and thirty million dollars. I get it adds more to the derby but unless you get someone in the derby making under one million dollars, to me it’s not that exciting. And the ASG election day is a cool idea. Passan said it gives MLB the chance to market it’s players. Which is something that should of been done years ago. Mike Trout is the “face of baseball” but in reality no one is the face of baseball. We all know the MLB does a bad job in marketing its players, so I’m gad to see them take a step in the right direction and try to market them.

The expanded roster isn’t that big of a deal. Adding one more spot during the regular season and only adding two more in September. There are pros and cons to this. If your team has a big enough lead in September in the division, you can’t save some guys like you normally could do. But that’s whatever. A con is that teams that are rebuilding can’t call up five to ten guys to see what they are made of, for the future, which is a downside.

But most of this is all coming next year so it’ll be a bit before we see some changes take place. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction in both sides communcating when the CBA expires in 2021.


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