Masters Moments #12 (1931-1934) Humble Beginnings

Bobby Jones with Grand Slam trophies, 1930

You can’t mention Augusta National and the Masters’ incredible history without mentioning how it all began. In the early 1930’s retired golfer, Bobby Jones who enjoyed the greatest Amateur career of all time met Augusta native and local golf pro Clifford Roberts.

Jones proposed his idea to Roberts of designing the greatest golf course in the world with the spirit of the great St. Andrews in mind where Jones enjoyed the finest moments of his career. Roberts was sold he and Jones bought a local plant nursery and brought in world-renowned golf course designer Dr. Alliaster Mackenzie to help with the design.

Over the course of the next few months, the course was thought out, scripted and built with Jones idea of hosting a small gathering of friends in three years time. Come, 1934 Jones hosted the first Annual Augusta National Invitational the tournament he had described as a small gathering of friends only by personal invite by Jones and Roberts allowed you to play. Jones himself came out of retirement to play and finished tenth, the inaugural title went to Horton Smith who led wire to wire, and as they say, the rest is history.


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