Sox In Review: Things Look Up As Red Sox Sweep Tampa


What a week for the Red Sox. Not counting the Monday loss vs. the Orioles, they lost both games in New York and casted doubt on if this team could play better then they already have. Luckily they proved that I was wrong and that we shouldn’t count them out.

I was never on the “oh this team sucks, lets give up” train. Some were but I wasn’t. They just needed to play better baseball. They came into Tampa this past weekend and swept one of the best teams in baseball. Yes the Rays are one of the best teams in baseball. The Red Sox sweeping them doesn’t change that fact.

The Red Sox just played better them the Rays overall. Starting pitching was better across the board, bedsides from Sunday. The bullpen was better this past weekend and the offense showed up.

The power offensively is starting to come alive for the Red Sox. They hit five home runs against the Rays. Mitch Moreland had one, which was his seventh of the year. And besides from Moreland, home runs haven’t been coming for the Red Sox. Christian Vazquez hit one this weekend which added to his total of four. Mookie Betts hit one as well which was also his four. Andrew Benintendi had a grand slam for his second on the season. So it’s been a little quite for the Red Sox home run wise before this series. We know this team won’t be leading the majors in the home run category but it was another big positive that coming out of this weekend seeing more come off the bat.

Matt Barnes probably had the worst weekend from anyone in the bullpen. He was credited with two blown saves in the eight inning in back to back games after he gave up game tying solo home runs. I still have faith in Matt Barnes as the eight inning guy. Or even ninth for that matter. I’m sure Alex Cora still does too. As he proved last year, he can be very dominate and get hit hard. His strikeout rate is still threw the roof. I think he has struck out two batters in every appearance so far this season. So Barnes should be good.

Betts looks to be back on track as well. I said above that he hit his four home run of the year. He looks to be seeing the ball better and not swinging so much at the pitches out of the zone. Getting Mookie back on track was another positive coming out of this weekend for the Red Sox.

Lastly, Nathan Eovaldi is going to undergo surgery to remove loose bodies from his elbow. He has the same surgery last year and missed two months. But he said in a interview was reporters that the Rays were just being safe since he was coming back from TJ. So hopefully he only misses about a month or so and he can get back to helping this team win. He had his best start of the season last week in Yankee Stadium, so hopefully more starts like that come when he gets back.

The Red Sox have a chance to really get back into things with this ten game home stand. Tigers for four, Rays for three again and Oakland for three. Home stand starts tomorrow with a doubleheader.


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