Through Lying and Delusion, Dave Gettleman Has Single Handedly Set The Giants Back Decades

Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, Lamar Jackson, Drew Lock, and Dwayne Haskins. Those are just some of the quarterbacks that the New York Giants have passed on in the last two seasons.

Last night, Giants fans best wishes came true. After seeing Clelin Ferrell shockingly be chosen by the Oakland Raiders with the fourth pick, the Giants were going to have the opportunity to draft either Devin White, Ed Oliver or Josh Allen. When White was chosen by Tampa Bay, Giants fans were salivating at the idea of Josh Allen being their next big name pass rusher for the next 15+ years. Then Roger Goodell read the card.

The New York Football Giants selected….. not Josh Allen…. Not Dwayne Haskins…. Daniel Jones.

New York instantly exploded. I’m not exaggerating the slightest bit. Please go look at the replies to the Giants (@Giants) tweets, they are hysterical and depressing all in one.

For the past two or three seasons, fans were begging for the Giants to select a quarterback, so just imagine how bad it is for an entire fan base to have an immediate uproar when you finally add a quarterback. The Giants ran polls on Facebook and Twitter with different combinations of players they may select. Anytime Daniel Jones went up against Dwayne Haskins, with any combination for their second pick, the Haskins led group won about 85-15. Every time. I don’t think Jones along with LT in his prime could get votes from Giants fans. Under every pre-draft mention of Daniel Jones, or tweets like “who do you want to see the Giants select”, fans pounced on them saying, “anybody but Jones”. New York is tough, and no one wants Jones here. He is the consensus pick for guy no one wants. Giants fans wanted Haskins, but I feel like, if they went defense at 6 and 17, we would’ve been happy with that. However, lets compare for a second. Dwayne Haskins threw 50 touchdowns last season. Daniel Jones threw 52 in his three year career. There is a gray cloud over East Rutherford, New Jersey today.

Now I get the opposite side. Dwayne Haskins threw for 50 touchdowns but he had NFL talent all around him. Yes, but he also played the best teams in college football. Daniel Jones played schools that won’t even have guys drafted. And oh yeah, Dwayne Haskins went to our rivals, the Washington Redskins. If you were wrong on both, this would be an all time flop.

NFL analysts, yes, guys who get PAID for their opinions, say Daniel Jones at 6 was a huge mistake, and ESPN’s Todd McShay, considered one of the brightest scouting minds, said that Jones is a career backup. It seems like most teams, and analysts, have had Jones ranked as no better than a second round grade. And the New York Giants selected him at #6. And Scott Van Pelt of ESPN said he watched a lot of Duke football, and never once thought he was watching a first round quarterback.

I will never understand what possessed the Giants to make this decision, so let’s move on to something else. Last year the Giants selected Saquon Barkley, who I love, over Sam Darnold. The Giants traded Odell Beckham Jr for the 17th pick in the draft that turned into Dexter Lawrence, and instead of choosing Josh Allen at 6, they selected Daniel Jones. So let’s play a quick game. Who would you rather have? A) Jones, Barkley and Lawrence, or B) Darnold, Beckham Jr and Allen. Find me someone who would honestly take A, I bet you can’t find that person, it doesn’t exist.

Now we ask, why Daniel Jones. What did Dave Gettleman see in Jones? Well let me enlighten you. Dave Gettleman is on record saying how he would never draft a quarterback he hadn’t seen in person. Could this be one of Dave’s lies? You guessed it! Dave Gettleman never saw him play live, as a matter a fact, the only time he has ever seen Daniel Jones play in person was on the day of the senior bowl. The senior bowl, which is a glorified practice. Gettleman said he fell in love after watching Jones for 3 series at the Senior Bowl. I will give it to Jones, he went off at the senior bowl winning senior bowl MVP, but come on, how hard were these guys really playing? Yet our General Manager fell in love with him there. This is the third year where the Giants have selected the Senior Bowl MVP. Davis Webb and Kyle Lauletta being the other two. Jones better hope he doesn’t fall down that path. But it seems as though the main reason Dave Gettleman selected Daniel Jones was because of Eli Manning. And it’s not because he wants to move on from Eli, but because Daniel Jones IS Eli Manning. Way to much is being said about the Dave Cutliffe connection and the connection to the Manning Passing Camp. This is the guy Eli and Archie are comfortable with. This is deflating to a fan base. Why did we choose a guy with the 6th pick because of connections, not because of what he does on the field, considering that Dave Gettleman never saw him play live before an exhibition game. Why don’t I hear about how Daniel Jones is good, or what he does on the field, but instead I hear about his connections to Eli Manning and Dave Cutcliffe.

Dave Gettleman has previously said that he would like to run the “Kansas City Model” where Pat Mahomes sat for a year and learned behind Alex Smith. Here’s the difference. Daniel Jones won’t be as good in his career as Mahomes was last year alone. Bottom line. The other thing is, the Chiefs had an exit plan for Smith. Whats the exit plan for Eli Manning? The Giants have been trying to find this out for years, and still have no clue. This is obvious because now all of a sudden Gettleman is saying that he may want to do the “Green Bay Model” where Aaron Rodgers sat behind Brett Farve for three years. The difference? This league is different. Teams try to economically plan their team around having a cheap quarterback and spending money around him. That doesn’t fit today’s NFL Scheme. Not to mention, Aaron Rodgers was picked in the late 20’s, not 6th overall. Gettleman continues to prove he doesn’t have a clue, with the “#FireGettleman” swirling around social media.

To show why I think that old school Dave Gettleman doesn’t work in the NFL today, here is why. The NFL is now a passing league, bottom line. Knowing this Gettleman passed on multiple great quarterbacks last season and chose a running back. Then, he traded one of the best wide receivers in football who was on a fast path to Canton, traded the only pass rusher on the team that ranked 30th in sacks last season, drafted a run stopper at 17 when he already have two up and coming defensive tackles, committed to Eli Manning for another year without ruling out a contract extension, and last but not least he drafted a quarterback who, let’s face it, can’t throw the ball great down field. Dave Gettleman does not fit modern day NFL, and keeping him around is destroying the once proud New York Giants from the inside out.

Dave Gettleman said the worst place is quarterback hell, and that choosing the wrong quarterback can set a franchise back 5 years. Let’s see. He skipped out on Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen and Josh Allen (Bills), he choose Daniel Jones and said he would sit for three years. Yes, good job Dave, that’s 5 years. Gettleman has put us into quarterback hell.

This is just more of a mess from Gettleman. Earlier this off-season he said he didn’t sign Odell to trade him. Lie. He said we don’t give up on talent. Lie. He let Landon Collins walk to a division rival for nothing. Then last night, wow oh wow, after saying he would never reach for a quarterback, he selected Daniel Jones at 6, when he was widely rated as the #4 quarterback and between 30-60 in terms of overall prospects. Sounds like a reach to me.

Listen, I wasn’t a happy camper last night. I thought Josh Allen was about as big of a no-brainer as every before. I personally ranked Jones as my 5th quarterback in this class, and I personally don’t think he is any good, a career backup, or equal to Josh McCown at best. I’m not alone in this, this is also how many NFL Draft Analysts have felt. Yet the Giants choose him at 6. As much as I did not want Daniel Jones, and I desperately did not want him, from now on, all we can do as Giants fans is support him. I hope I’m so wrong, and he turns into a Super Bowl winning QB. I hope I rescind my Fire Gettleman tweets, and I hope 5 years from now I can laugh at this article. Sad thing is though, I don’t think I’m wrong.

ESPN’s Max Kellerman tweeted out last night, “Imaging trading @obj and IN HIS PRIME (and taking a 20 million dollar cap hit) for the 17th pick in the draft, and having that NOT be the worst move yo make as a GM that off season”.

Dave Gettleman is now public enemy #1 in New York and New Jersey.




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