Sox In Review: Red Sox Get Off To Hot Start On Road Trip, After Stumbling At The End Of HomeStand

Early start for the game yesterday means also reacting to the game live during this weekly recap. And boy the offense showed up for yesterday’s game vs. the Blue Jays.  Dropping twelve runs on the board. After a somewhat sluggish offensive showing against the Astros this past weekend, the Red Sox had a total of sixteen hits, with four of those being home runs.

Michael Chavis hit a home run for the second straight game, bringing his total up to nine on the season. Chavis is here to stay. I’d be very surprise to see him be sent to the minors once Pedroia and Holt come back. I think that’s a silly thing to say just because he is playing so well right now. You can’t take him out of the lineup. Both Holt and Pedroia are in the middle of rehab stints so they are on track to come back sooner rather then later.

I can see Nunez and Steve Pearce as options to be DFA when both Pedroia and Holt come back. Both are barley hitting as it is right now, with batting averages of .173 and .130. Chavis can play first base, so can Holt, so Cora wouldn’t need to worry about losing backup first base help. And if the Red Sox somehow keep Chavis, Holt, Pedroia AND Nunez, thats a log jam at second base. I don’t think Nunez is going to be staying here much longer, but that’s just my opinion.

I mean if you look at the bench right now, the Red Sox don’t really have any good pitch hit options. Replace Nunez with Holt and Pearce with Pedroia, that’ll hopefully give you better bench options. As much as I love Pedroia, as much as I love his fight to get back to an everyday player, Cora has to keep playing Chavis at second. I think this will be better for the team in the long run. I may be getting ahead of myself here cause Holt and Pedroia aren’t back yet, but who we gotta look at it from all sides.

Moving on to the bullpen, which isn’t really a bullpen. It’s a three man rotation of Cora’s most trusted arms. Matt Barnes, Brandon Workman and Marcus Walden have all been dominate this year. Walden is this years Ryan Brasier, while Brasier isn’t the same pitcher who emerged last year as a reliable bullpen arm. You got Tyler Thornburg who can’t pitch to save his life. There are stretches where he won’t even pitch for a week straight. Or there are times where the Red Sox will have a six run lead and he won’t even see action. I don’t understand why he’s still on the team but I don’t get paid to make decisions like that.

Shoutout to Chris Sale in his start vs. the Rockies where he struck out seventeen batters. What an insane start by him. I wish he could of also gotten the win, but It wasn’t meant to be. He also pitched fairly well on Sunday against the Astros. Another double digit strikeout performance, in which he made George Springer look silly on strikeouts three times. So Sale, back again. Just to clarify.

David Price pitched well on Monday, only going five innings, but the offense outburst was probably the reason. No reason to use him for an extra inning when you didn’t need to. This was a nice little start to get his settled back into the rotation. Oh and I want to give another shoutout to Rick Porcello who was phenomenal against the Astros Friday night. He was just a victim of the offensive not showing up.

The Red Sox should get out of Toronto winning three out of four, It also be great if they swept them heading into the Astros series in Houston. We all saw what happened this past weekend. The Astros were the better team and took two out of three. Hopefully the Red Sox can flip the script this weekend.

And it should be said that the Red Sox are in the middle of a stretch where they play thirty three games in thirty four days. So this is a big stretch for them and should tell us a lot about what team they’ll become during the dog days of summer.


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