Sox In Review: Red Sox Finish Road Trip 4-3, As They Head Into Memorial Day


What a frustrating road trip. Yeah the Red Sox came away with a winning record at 4-3, but If you really think about it, they could of walked away from this trip 5-2 or even 6-1. Taking three out of four from the Blue Jays was expected. Is said that in last weeks blog that they should at least take three out of four. The Red Sox had that blunder of a game Tuesday where they just got blown out, but other then that, all was expected.

Then we get to the Houston series and boy, these games frustrating to watch. Friday night, they lose four to three. Hit three solo home runs but can’t capitalize with men on base. Make sloppy plays on defense that cost them few runs, and they give away the game. One was when Steve Pearce threw the ball away going home on a play, and Sandy had a chance to take the runner out at home and put an awful tag on him and the runner was safe. It was a play that you’d think Sandy would play better, but he didn’t.

Fast forward to Saturday. David Price leaves the game after facing just three batters. Why? Cause he was battling the flu. I mean his velocity was down a bit, but that could of been because he was battling the flu. I’m not going to question Alex Cora. If he didn’t feel comfortable letting him pitch, then that was the right move to take him out. He’s scheduled to start Tuesday vs. the Indians, so I assume he is all set to go and the flu is just about gone.

So after Price leaves the game, it’s a bullpen game for the Red Sox and the bullpen was pretty good, up until the ninth inning. They gave up three runs entering the ninth, but put the Red Sox in a spot to win. Thanks to Christian Vazquez, the Red Sox tied the game three to three. They couldn’t do much after that with men on first and third with NO OUTS. Because of that, the Astros only had to score once to win the game. And Matt Barnes picked the wrong night to have a bad night. After he walked the bases loaded, he gave up the game winning single to Correa.

Again, two games where the Red Sox could of won. But they didn’t cause they got out played by the better team. Simple as that. Enter Sunday, the Red Sox were the better team.

Facing Verlander after losing the first two games of the series is no fun task. Verlander has been on a tear this season and the Red Sox were lucky to avoid him last weekend. But they were able to get the upper today, putting three runs on the board against him. A solid start by Verlander, but a better start by E-Rod helped the Red Sox salvage this series.

Devers had another big part in the game today, making some great plays and hitting a solo home run. We’ve talked about how Chavis has been a nice addition to this lineup, Devers bat may be the bigger addition. We all know he can hit and hit for power, but he’s been smoking the cover off the ball all season. I believe he has sixty seven hits so far this season. You can see the progress he has been making on both defensively and offensively. He’s going to continue to be a force this year.

Brock Holt should be back tomorrow for the Indians series, which a positive. Add more depth to a bench that needs to be better. Dustin Pedoria suffered another set back. But that being said, I’m not giving up on Pedroia yet. He’ll be back.

Big series coming at the Red Sox this week. Indians are in town for three, and then the Red Sox are off to New York for four games.

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