Sox In Review: Eight And A Half Games Back

Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Rick Porcello, right, hands the ball to manager Alex Cora, center, while being pulled from the baseball game against the New York Yankees during the fifth inning Saturday, June 1, 2019, in New York. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

I feel like every other week, I’m writing about how this team either is good and is getting hot, or how they are struggling and need to play better. This week is sadly no different and we are on the side of “the Boston Red Sox need to absolutely play better.”

First we’ll step off at the Cleveland series. How you don’t sweep that series is crazy to me. The first game went as it should, the bats got hot for game one after a eh showing in Houston. Then you have a five to two lead entering the ninth in game two of the series. Matt Barnes was used in the eighth and got out of Marcus Walden‘s mess to keep the lead three run lead. So Ryan Brasier came in and well, you know how that went. He pretty much shoved a ball down our throats and said I’m going to blow this save and make everyone in Red Sox Nation wonder why Alex Cora and Dave Dombrowski aren’t addressing the bullpen (AGAIN).

So the bullpen implodes, fine. Happens, we move on. But then Ryan Weber, who had a good start his last time out, doesn’t have the same result as last time. Puts the Red Sox in a defecit early on, which is okay. It’s not like David Price or Chris Sale is starting. It’s a spot start. But then the bullpen continues to give up more runs! I think the Indians scored in all but one or two of the innings in game three. That’s not good at all. And the offense scored nine runs! You should win with nine runs on the board.

Red Sox lose two out of three from the Indians and travel to New York. Thursday’s game gets rained out, saved my birthday from having any stress, which I enjoyed. So Friday comes along and the Red Sox have Chris Sale on the mound. Looking like the Red Sox could steal game one from a very good Yankees team. The offense manages only one run on five hits during the game. Sale gives up four and three of them came in the third. Frustrating night to say the least. Sale can’t give up four runs to the Yankees. Especially after the past month, where he’s been dominant. Betts, Benintendi, J.D. go a combined zero for nine. Chavis can’t stop swinging at balls that are over his head and high in the zone. But hey the Red Sox have Rick Porcello going Saturday night.

Fast forward to Saturday night. The Red Sox get eleven hits, but went TWO FOR FOURTEEN with runners on scoring position. Betts, Benintendi, J.D go a combined three for fourteen. That can’t happen. J.D. has been slumping recently, but he’ll break out of it sooner then later. Benny and Mookie are killing the Red Sox right now. But more on them later.

The big thing here was the runners in scoring position. You can’t do that bad and expect to win. The Yankees went four for eight. WAY better than what the Red Sox did. Porcello gave up five runs on nine hits. The bullpen the first two game of the series did good, I may add. They kept the Red Sox in the games, even though it would of been pointless, with how the stats were with runners in scoring position.

Sunday night, was a must win game for the Red Sox. You can’t fall ten and a half games back entering June. You just can’t. Eight and a half still sucks, but it’s better then ten and a half.

David Price. I mean what else can you say about him. He has been the most consistent ¬†starting pitcher for the Red Sox this season and he came into Sunday night baseball, against the Yankees, in their house and held them to only two runs. Everyone knows the history he has had with the Yankees. Giving up A LOT of home runs whenever he starts against him. His ERA isn’t great in his career as a Red Sox facing them. But he stepped up big when the Red Sox needed him the most. He pitched great and finally got past the Yankees.

Oh and back to Benny and Mookie. Both of them are struggling right now. Mookie more of lately. He just doesn’t seem to be seeing the ball all that great. Benny just looks lost at the plate. He’s striking out way more than he was last year. His average is now in the .250’s which isn’t what we are use to from him. And I’m sure the flip flopping of the batting order isn’t helping them. But now that Cora said it’s going to be Mookie leading off and Benny batting behind him, I’m sure they’ll get going. They need to get going if this team is going to succeed.

This week, they head to KC, which should be an easy series. Obviously at 19-40, the Royals aren’t going to be contending for anything this year, so the Red Sox should find their grove against them. Then four games vs. the Rays this weekend. A chance to move up not only in the Wild Card standings but the AL East.

Lets face it, the Red Sox NEED to get going now. They have to.


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