David Ortiz Shot In The Back, Hosptialzed In The DR

Follow my train of thoughts below during last nights news:

Just awful news coming out of the DR. It’s even worse that we don’t know the condition David. Like no update whatsoever. Nothing. Which is the worse thing right now. Cause with no update on his condition, we all are basically just refreshing twitter and waiting until a new report comes out on how he is doing.

Prayers to Big Papi and keep them coming until we found out what his condition is.

And to the scumbag who shot David and tried to rob him, what in the world are you doing? What are you thinking? HOW STUPID ARE YOU? If you really needed the money you could of just asked him. David is one of the most kind an caring person to ever walk this earth. He’s from the DR, you know who he is. Why? Lou Merloni knows,

Again, keep David in your prayers. Hopefully we get an update soon..


Reports are saying that David Ortiz was shot in the lower back with the bullet exiting the stomach. That much worse than what was reported before. But with that being said, the Chief of Police is making it sound like David is going to pull through and to stop speculating on social media.

And there’s a video of the shooting going around twitter which I’m not going to post but, this guy ran up to the bar and shot David in the back. No robbery attempt like it was first reported. It’s clear as day if you want to go search for it. This lowlife, scumbag, tried to kill David Ortiz. Scumbag. All that needs to be said about this low life.

UPDATE: 7:35

So while we thought that no organs were damaged, I guess doctors down there had to remove parts of his organs late last night/early this morning. To what extent, I don’t know but it doesn’t seem David is out of the woods yet. He’s considered to be in stable condition, but we just don’t know. Complications could happen but lets all pray that that doesn’t happen. The Red Sox have offered medical support in the event he needs to be transferred to a hospital in the states.


Keep checking twitter for updates through out the day. And keep praying for the guy who has the biggest heart out there.


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