From Their New Number One Fan, It’s Time To Pay The Women’s National Soccer Team Equal As the Men, If Not More


I’ll be one hundred percent honest here, I’m not a huge soccer fan. You won’t catch me watching MLS soccer, the Premier League or the Euro League. I mean who knows how many more leagues there are. But from here on out, I’m the U.S. Women’s Soccer number one fan.

Besides from that, this blog is going to talk about two things. How the women should have equal pay as the men, if not more. And how Alex Morgan should be the queen of America and how I love her. So I guess that’s three things.

So when was the last time the men’s national team won the World Cup? Do you have to google it? Cause I’ll give you the short answer. THEY HAVEN’T. In fact, they didn’t even qualify for the World Cup last year! That’s how bad they are. That’s how irrelevant they are.

Yeah you can argue about the level of competition and what not, but what I said in the last paragraph is a fact. You can’t dispute facts. When was the last time the women’s national team won the Cup? Oh that’s right, last Sunday! In fact, they won it the World Cup in 2015. They have four overall.

So right away the women have four advantages over the men. And again, I know that the men’s World Cup racks in more money then the women, but that shouldn’t matter. According to Forbes they make fourteen percent of what the World Cup makes, and the men make nine percent of what their World Cup makes. The men’s Cup last year brought in six point one billion dollars, while this years Cup was projected to bring in one hundred thirty one million.

That isn’t the issue. We all probably knew the men brought in more money, just because even if the U.S. isn’t in it, soccer is the most popular sport overseas. That’s not the issue. It’s about U.S. soccer.

If the women get paid the same amount as the men, we’ll never have to talk about this again. The women won’t have to keep proving themselves every four years and this nonsense can stop. I don’t think it’s a huge deal what the percent is between the men and the women in World Cup winnings. The money they bring in, is the money they bring in. You can’t change that. But what can change is U.S. soccer paying the women as much as the men get, if not more. If you read “if not more” a lot in this blog, then well you know my opinion.

What else do they have to do?

The women have grown the sport so much more than the men have. The amount of young girls who have just started playing soccer, or who are currently getting ready for the high school season, who are now thinking…

“That could be me one day. Playing for my country, playing the sport I love, in front of the world, inspiring millions.”

You could probably name almost all of the players on the women’s team. What about the men’s? Is Landon Donovan still playing for them? What about Clint Dempsey? You can’t name three quarters of the men’s team without google search. 

Like who watched any of the Gold Cup tourney the men were in? I didn’t. Did you? I didn’t care. I only cared about the women. I want to watch my country win. Not lose in the qualifying rounds.

Pay the women. If not equal, more. Cause from where I’m standing, they deserve to get paid way more than the men do.

Now that I got that out of the way. Can we officially make Alex Morgan the queen of America? Is that possible? Cause it has to get done. Who here doesn’t love Alex Morgan? Yeah no one right? She’s easily one of my top favorite athletes. She’s one of the best soccer players on the field, she has the looks, she’s a good role model for young girls (read her kids books) and she is America’s sweetheart. So let’s just make her the queen of America. I mean come on, that tea sip celebration against England??


What a baller. You couldn’t possibly hate her. Besides from the no nonsense people who said her celebrations, or the U.S. scoring thirteen goals in the opening match was disrespectful.

They don’t know how to have fun or that it was the WORLD CUP apparently.

Any who. I love Alex Morgan. The world needs to know it. I’ll shout it from the rooftops.  She’s a national treasure.

Pay the women more and Alex, keep slaying queen.

Oh and as the women’s number one fan, I should mention that the first game of a five game victory tour is August third. Ten P.M. on ESPN2.

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