On The Night The Angels Honor Their Teammate Tyler Skaggs, They Throw A No-No

I’m not the guy who goes to church every Sunday. I mean honestly I probably haven’t gone in a couple years. Question is, is there something really going on above the clouds? To plenty of people, they’ll say yes. To plenty of other people, they’ll say no. And all of the rest will say that they aren’t sure.

Whatever you believe, after last night you have to believe their is something going on upstairs. Tyler Skaggs was honored last night in the Los Angeles Angels first home game since his passing against the Seattle Mariners. All of his teammates wore his number, forty five. His parents, his brother and his wife were all on hand at the game as well. His mom stood right on the mound and threw out the opening pitch.

It was a strike.

About fifteen minutes later, Mike Trout crushed a two-run shot to dead center. He rounded the bases and once he crossed home, he pointed to the box where all the wives were watching the game. That home run went four hundred and fifty four feet.

I turned the channel back to the Red Sox game after this, cause the Red Sox were getting ready to start again after a short rain delay. I went to sleep after the game and woke up to find out that the Angels threw a no hitter.

In the first home game back. Where his mom threw out the first pitch. Where they put his number and a mural (I don’t know if that is what it’s called) of Tyler on the outfield wall.

Oh and today he would of turned twenty eight years old.

This stuff isn’t scripted. Nobody in their minds would of thought something like this was going to happen. Yet it did and it all happened just hours before his birthday.

The Baseball Gods were looking out last night.

The Angels threw a no hitter…

For Tyler


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