Sox In Review: Weekend Disappointment, Followed By Roster Moves

Usually around the All Star break before or after, you can get a sense of who the top teams in baseball are. Who are sellers and who are going to be buying at the deadline to either A) improve their roster to get a Wild Card spot or B) to win their division and make a deep run in the Postseason.

The Boston Red Sox are one of those teams who will be fighting for a Wild Card spot come September. Sure I may be counting them out of the AL East race. Coming into today, they are ten games behind the New York Yankees. They have a hard time beating teams who have a record better than five hundred and are not the team they were last year.

Take this weekend for example. Sunday night they had the perfect chance to grab their biggest win of the season and win the series vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers. The whole weekend felt like a playoff game. In the middle of July! Sunday night was especially intense. Besides the ending, that was a pretty damn good game. S/0 to the Dodger fans. All weekend, there were a ton. From what I saw on tv and being in Boston yesterday. Great fans.

Anyway, the Red Sox had a chance to win that game last night.

No, scratch that. They had a thousand chances to win that game and they didn’t. You can put the L on Hector Velazquez all you want for not throwing strikes, the offense let the bullpen down. And it was a shame. The bullpen, for all the crap we give them, held the Dodgers lineup scoreless for six innings.

I think A-Rod said it on the broadcast but the 2018 Red Sox would of had that game last night. They just had that magic to them. This year? Not much.

Its just shows you what this whole year has been so far for the Red Sox


I didn’t love staying till 1 AM just to see the Red Sox lose in twelve innings. The two and a half hour car ride back felt like it took forever thanks to that.

In other news, the Red Sox traded for starter Andrew Cashner on Saturday. It’s a fine pickup. Nothing that is going to be earth shattering, but he’s going to be better in that fifth spot in the rotation then what the Red Sox had going for them before. And he doesn’t have to be a number one starter, which he basically was for the Orioles.

Finally, the Eduardo Nunez era in Boston is over. As he was designated for assignment on Monday in order to bring up Sam Travis from Pawtucket. Big thanks to Nunez for what he has done over the past few years for the Red Sox. Helped bring a World Series title to Boston. Couldn’t ask for anything better. This move just makes me think that they are going all in on Michael Chavis as their second baseman, once Mitch Moreland gets back. Chavis hasn’t played a game at second in over seven weeks, S/0 to Red Sox stats on twitter for that. This move seems like he’ll be going back there soon.

Oh and Ryan Weber was called back up, while Velazquez was sent down. This move is probably just to get a fresh arm in the bullpen. Yeah right? Three games into the second half of the season and we need fresh arms in the bullpen. Anyway, don’t be surprised if you see Velazquez back up here in a few days.

The Sox bounced back on Monday night against the Jays thanks to a grand slam by the Ice Horse.

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