Sox In Review: Same Old Same Old

I’m running out of headlines for these blogs. Why? Cause it’s the same thing every single week with this team. They start to gain momentum and they just stall. I’m literally a broken record by saying this again.

It’s crazy how this team can show shades of their 2018 form and then walk into Baltimore and look like garbage. It’s even crazier how they can go from getting stomped in the face the first game, to stomping the Orioles in the face the second game, to getting one hit by a pitcher who I have literally never heard of before.

They get one hit against a guy who has a career 6.49 ERA after they scored SEVENTEEN RUNS in Saturday night’s game. Oh and the Yankees actually lost Sunday for the first time in a while and the Red Sox can’t gain a game.

Still eleven games back. I’ve been holding off saying this, just because there still is two months in the season left but, this team is either a wild card team, or they are sitting home during the postseason.

S/O to David Price for putting up a stinker to the Orioles, just days after his feud with Dennis Eckersley reignited. I mean can’t we all just kiss and make up? Hug it out for crying out loud. The Red Sox don’t need this distraction. Not when they have this tough schedule coming up.

I guess the only positive that came out of this week was Chris Sale‘s start. With the Yankees and Rays coming up, the Red Sox desperately need him to figure himself out.

These next fourteen games will make or break the Red Sox season. All coming up against the Rays and Yankees.

Don’t expect a 13-1 run.

Then again, don’t expect them to go 2-12.

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