Sox In Review: Halfway Through This Pivotal Stretch, Don’t Let The Red Sox Dance In October

If there was anything to take away from this past week it’s that in no way shape or form, is this team a seller at the deadline. In fact, they may of finally hit the stride that they need to hit with two months left in the season. The same stride that they were in for the whole 2018 season.

The Boston Red Sox could of swept the Rays and the Yankees. They didn’t, but did take the series win in both of those series. That’s what they needed to do and that’s what they need to do this week, starting tonight.

We all knew what this offense could be. We saw it last year. The offense finally coming around and when I mean that, I mean everyone clicking. Mookie Betts is finally hitting the way he should be hitting the ball. He’s hitting almost four hundred, batting average wise this month. The power numbers are stating to show, the runs scored are there. It’s all coming together for Mookie. Devers and Bogaerts are still having great seasons and are showing no signs of slowing down. Benintendi is FINALLY starting to hit as well. He’s one of those guys a lot of people were on for not hitting well this season. This season he has truly struggled and is now turning it around. Making this lineup even more dangerous.

The pitching is looking way better than it has looked at any point this season. Besides from the Sale start last night, every starter this past week has looked great. They went six starts in a row with a starter going at least six innings. What I’m getting at, is that it’s the right time for the Red Sox to put it all together.

Now while I said before that winning a four game series against the Yankees was great, they could of had a sweep and I wanted that so bad. The Red Sox could of did it. The final was nine to six last night. There was sloppy play all around last night. The Jackie miscue in the seventh inning, Xander’s error earlier in the game and leaving the bases loaded in the eighth, not scoring, all hurt the Red Sox. Not to mention the walks and home runs given up by Sale.

Even so, the Red Sox are nine back in the division and a game out in the wild card. The Red Sox are contenders. Don’t get that mixed up. They will be in the hunt come September. Come October? The Yankees or any other teams for that matter, don’t want this smoke from the Red Sox. With Buster Olney saying that the Red Sox will probably make a move for an impact arm before the deadline, the Red Sox are catching that 2018 stride.


Go out and get a bullpen arm.

Let this team make a run.

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