Sox In Review: Rock Bottom


If I told you at the beginning of the season that the 2019 Red Sox would be six and a half games out of the wild card and fourteen and a half games out of the east, you’d think I was crazy. But here are the Red Sox, on August fifth in that exact position.

This is rock bottom. This past week has been so bad, that I’m now dreading when seven o’clock hits and the game starts. Are they going to win today, or lose? And if they lose, how bad is it going to be? Or is the bullpen going to blow it? That’s my mind set right now.

I honestly hate watching this team right now. I don’t even want to write this blog. It’s going to be all negatives. Maybe I’ll throw in a  positive somewhere.

After going five and two in the first half of the pivotal fourteen game stretch, the Red Sox decided to get hit by a train and go winless the second half of that stretch. Not a good plan when you’re trying to make the wild card spot. And mind you, they have a west coast trip coming up at the end of August. They NEVER play good on the west coast, so if they don’t get their crap together, it could be over by the time September hits.

Okay, it may be over now, but someone has to have a little bit of hope. Even if the chances that happens are so very slim. Unless something drastic happens within this team, it’s not going to happen. And by drastic, I mean the starting pitching gets way way better.

Like Chris Sale for example. Does anyone know where he is? Cause the guy on the mound that has been pitching for him isn’t him. He may look and talk like him, but that isn’t him. David Price also is missing. He went missing at some point during July and hasn’t been seen since. Probably had something to do with the Eck comments he just had to say. Rick Porcello isn’t even on this planet anymore. I mean what an awful season he has had.

Andrew Cashner. I don’t even know what to say about him. He made four starts for the Red Sox and all of them have just about been bad? The one start he was decent in, was against the Yankess. By the way, that start was one home run away from going from a decent start to a bad start. Cut his beard and maybe he’ll pitch better.

Eddy Aces is the only guy who is doing anything in this rotation. Fourteen wins on the season, he’s the staff ace right now. He’s been the most consistent starter out of this rotation. After he gave up that grand slam Friday night, he was money the rest of the time he was in there. So S/O Eddy Aces.

There’s the positive^

Sidebar, that’s when you know it’s been a long long season. I’ve given up talking about the bullpen entirely.

For the next week the Red Sox are home vs. the Royals and Angels. They should have no problem beating the Royals but at this point, who knows.

Cause I don’t.

Six and a half games out of the wild card. Has to start today. Will it? Probably not.

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