Sox In Review: Postseason Hopes Starting To Slip Away

This is the 2019 Boston Red Sox. They are splitting series with teams that they should be winning. Prime example is this weekend. They won the first two games vs the Angels and looked to be in a great spot to sweep them heading into the Cleveland series that starts tonight. They didn’t do that. They took a embarrassing loss Saturday afternoon, hours after handing out an embarrassing lost Friday night. Then on Sunday, the bullpen recorded their twenty first blown save of the season.

They also slipped to seven and a half games behind Tampa Bay in the wild card. Things aren’t looking good. Even in August, while a month and a half left in the season, things are looking like the Red Sox are going to be sitting home for this postseason.

Andrew Cashner threw another gem yesterday for the Red Sox. If you didn’t see it, he walked FIVE guys yesterday. And he hit someone too! Every start he has had for the Red Sox has been great! This guy has been a great addition to the team. Glad Dave Dombrowski made the trade for this guy. Oh, AND he’s now been demoted from the rotation to the bullpen.

I mean come on. How good can this guy get?

Lets send him back to the Orioles. We’ll call it an unfair trade.

And props to Rick Porcello for giving up five runs to the Angels. He loves spotting the other team runs in the first.

I mean I don’t really got anything else to say. This team is so middle of the road, you can’t really get excited for them if they go on a mini run. Cause if they do, they’ll lose the next three games. It’s so up and down.

Frustrating is the word to use.

Anyway, onto Cleveland.

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