Sox In Review: Despite A Good Week, Red Sox Missed An Opportunity Sunday Afternoon

In all fairness, the Red Sox had a good week. It may not seem that way with a 3-3 record, but they didn’t lose ground in the wild card playoff race. They actually gained some games. Not a lot, but as long as they didn’t lose some ground that’s all that matters.

In my last blog I talked about how E-Rod had to step up and become the ace of this staff. He did that in his start against the Padres. He held them to seven scoreless innings and set the tone for the series. In the wake of the Chris Sale news, someone has to step up. And E-Rod not only needs to be the pitcher to do so, he is starting to look like it.

Now yesterday’s game was a bit of a downer. The Rays, Indians and Athletics all lost on Sunday. So it was the perfect day to have the Red Sox gain a game on all of them in the wild card race. It would of been a great way to end the week. By now you should know that it didn’t happen and the Red Sox still sit 6 games back.

Long story short, it was a missed opportunity. The Red Sox had a ton of opportunities to comeback and erase the 3-1 score. The biggest one was in the 8th inning when Devers had two men on and no outs. The double play he grounded into didn’t help matters either. With the off day on Monday, the Red Sox could have headed into it 5 games behind. Yet they aren’t. And I should point out that the Rays face the Astros starting on Tuesday.

This is a big week heading into the final month of the season. The Red Sox face the Rockies for two games, then have another off day, then head to LA to face the Angels. This week could help the Red Sox finally gain that momentum they need and get closer to the second wild card spot. Because after the Rays face the Astros, they face the Indians.

Point being?

The Red Sox face teams that are below .500 this week and the Rays do not. While the Athletics face the Royals and Yankees this week.

Oh, I should mention how good the Red Sox bullpen has been recently. Basically using 2/5 starting spots with bullpen games, they have been great. We all know how overworked they have been this year. And we all have given them shit for being bad as well. They deserve a shout out though.

Onward to Colorado


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