Sox In Review: Playoff Hopes Alive

Sep 1, 2019; Anaheim, CA, USA; Boston Red Sox starting pitcher David Price (10) during the first inning against the Los Angeles Angels at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Happy post Labor Day weekend!

September is finally here. The Boston Red Sox aren’t going to win the division. The Red Sox aren’t going to get the first wild card spot. The Red Sox may not even get the second wild card spot, but there’s hope.

Going 7-2, (6-2 on the west coast trip) this past week and a half was a big win for the Red Sox. They gained two games in the wild card spot and took care of business. Still, they are 5 games out. They welcome in the Twins and Yankees for this next home stand. That’s no walk in the park. Something is going to give this week. The Red Sox are either going to be closer to the second wild card spot, or they’re going to be pretty much be sent out of the picture.

Will it happen? Will the Red Sox make a run and possibly get that second wild card spot? I certainly hope so. I’m not giving up hope yet, but the odds are against them.

David Price looked good in his two innings pitched on Sunday. The September call ups couldn’t of came at a better time. The rotation is still falling apart. The bullpen is getting used night and day. Having some fresh arms is going to help. Price and Eovaldi still need to work back up to where they were before their respective injuries,  before the I feel somewhat fine with this rotation. Cause lets face it. Sale isn’t coming back until next year. There’s no reason to rush him back. Even if the Red Sox do make the playoffs. Just roll with what you got now and get Sale healthy.

Honestly, it would suck to see them miss the playoffs when they are getting such great seasons out of Xander and Devers. Xander keeps proving that he should be in the conversation of best shortstop in the league. It’s crazy how underrated he is. We all know that he’s not, but hopefully after this season where he put everything together, he gets the respect he deserves.

To end this, what do the Red Sox need to do this week? They need to at least take the series vs. the Twins and maybe split the Yankees series. Along with getting help from other teams this week.

Don’t give up hope.


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