Sox In Review: Dave Dombrowski Fired With Three Weeks Left In The Season

A little past midnight last night, this news hit twitter. The Red Sox have fired Dave Dombrowski, not even a year removed from their World Series run.

If you followed some beat writers on twitter, then this isn’t a surprise at all. There were reports midseason that Dave was on the hot seat, he was “distancing himself” from others in the front office and so forth.

But was did surprise everyone was the timing of it. After falling back to 8 games out of the wild card, the Red Sox ownership decided to move on from the guy who brought them three division titles and a World Series win, just after 4 years. They didn’t even wait until the season was over.

That’s how disappointing this season has been for the Red Sox. Someone needed to be the scapegoat. It wasn’t going to be your manager, who has a World Series title and 184 regular season wins, in just under 2 full seasons. It was the guy who basically destroyed the farm system, and signed guys to big contracts, with big expectations.

Who signed Chris Sale to that extension? Sale has had his worse season of his career and is now done for the season. Who signed Nathan Eovaldi, instead of getting bullpen help? Who gave Steve Pearce 6.25 million dollars? Where has he been? He’s been hurt. And when he has been healthy, he has been awful a the plate.

While Dave has made some good choices, like signing Xander to the extension, and not signing Craig Kimbrel, he has more bad over good. And this is how baseball works. As Mookie said last night, it’s a business.

It sucks to see anyone lose their job. Especially after he gave you what you wanted. A World Series win. But at the end of the day, when you have a season that’s this disappointing for the Red Sox, someone has to be responsible. Yes, the players are held responsible, but you can’t fire them. You can part ways with them by trading them, or even releasing them. But that money doesn’t go away if you do the latter.

In the end, Dave Dombrowski did what he was hired to do. Build a team and go win the World Series. He actually build a super team last year. While some say it may be a surprise based on the timing and how it hasn’t even been a year removed from the World Series run, it shouldn’t be for the people who know what the ownership is expecting. As well as the people who watched this team all year.

They have been a major disappointment.

They haven’t gotten lucky like they did last year(injury wise), they’re going to be lucky to even get close to 90 wins.

It’s time for a new chapter. And in that chapter is Mookie Bett’s contract, as well as others such as, Jackie, Brock Holt and J.D.

Thank you Dave for the great four years. Thanks for bringing in Alex Cora, J.D, signing Xander to that extension. And most of all, thank you for bring a World Series trophy back to Boston.

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